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Raising fund for startup is crucial for its growth. Wiziin helps you secure your needed strategic capital from our growing network of regional & global investors, no matter what stage you are!


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We’ve helped dozens of companies raise funds, but we know that each one has a unique story to tell and specific needs and requirements. That’s why we’re more than just a source of funding.


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Looking for investor ready to invest from $500K to $3M


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Tailor funding round structure to fuel your next stage of growth

Why Wiziin?

As fundraising partners to over 50 startups from across the South East Asia, we’ve help companies get an average of 3 relevant investor connections in the first month.

We’ve worked with 500+ startups, 100+ VCs and 30 angels from across Asia Pacific region


Founded and run by 10+ years experienced venture capitalists and angels from Ireland and Canada

Get your company actively recommended to relevant investors in our growing global investors network.

Get key insights on how your pitch resonates with relevant investors to further improve it.

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Access the key insights in raising capital by equity from the top experts