Launch your dream venture fund

Breaking into startup investing requires not only the financial resources. As a partner, we’ll help you go through what it takes to start your own venture capital fund. Work with us to uncover the adventure to the venture.

We provide support with proven advice, mentorship and peer review to reduce the barriers of entry to the low-transparency and high-cost world of venture capital.

Our Solutions

Stage 1
Structuring Fund

We help you to achieve the goal of structuring fund with our quick-to-launch process in 4 weeks, so you can save your time and effort.

Stage 2
LP Pitching Preparation

We activate your fund’s introduction to LPs with a know-how investor deck and target the most relevant strategic LPs globally.

Stage 3
LP Matching

Wiziin assists meetings between GP and LP via moderating pitching session, collecting feedback, and tracking fundraising decisions.


Meet the team

Our seasoned venture capitalist & investor is ready to help

Tien Nguyen - Portrait

Tien Nguyen

15+ years working as serial entrepreneur, investor and strategy researcher in Europe, SEA and China

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Lan Nguyen

10+ years of experience in financing

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