Ultion is building its capabilities on the experience and knowledge of its founder and team as well as valuable intellectual property related to materials, processes, and formulations for producing lithium-ion batteries. The Mission of Ultion is to develop, innovate, implement, and commercialize lithium-ion batteries and battery technology to meet the world’s energy storage needs.

Ultion’s current expertise spans from battery materials to complete energy storage systems with a particular focus on electrode development, improvements, and innovations to battery cells, packs, and systems. Ultion’s goal and capability are to build safe, high-performance battery products and systems for tier-one applications.


The safe, high-performance battery products and systems with a patented fire-safe polymer technology for tier-one applications for US and Vietnam markets

Large supply for medical, military, and industrial markets

American-designed lithium battery products are manufactured in Vietnam

Competitive Advantage


A high-performance battery producer in the niche markets unserved by high-volume commodity producers, most of which are in China.

Local manufacturers

Both Vietnamese and American cell users would prefer to source cells from local manufacturers if they were available.

Intellectual Property and Assets 

Ultion has acquired or developed critical intellectual property and/or intangible assets related to battery development, manufacture, production, and use.


The highest energy power and energy LFP cells in the world.

The demand for lithium ion batteries is growing at 12.3% CAGR and large operations are required. The size of special purpose battery applications such as military, medical, industrials… is significant, over US$ 12B with 10% CAGR growth rate with unparalleled supply.

American users prefer non-China products and are willing to even pay premium price to use and source cells from US manufacturer. The 100% reliance on import costs Vietnam’s loss on foreign currency approximately US$ 200M annually because of no local manufacturer.

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