Scaleup Impact Summit 2021

饾棓 饾棤饾棬饾棪饾棫 饾棟饾棦饾棞饾棥 饾棞饾棥饾棫饾棙饾棩饾棥饾棓饾棫饾棞饾棦饾棥饾棓饾棢 饾棖饾棦饾棥饾棛饾棙饾棩饾棙饾棥饾棖饾棙 饾棛饾棦饾棩 饾棙饾棥饾棫饾棩饾棙饾棧饾棩饾棙饾棥饾棙饾棬饾棩饾棪 饾棞饾棥 饾棫饾棝饾棞饾棪 饾棤饾棓饾棳 馃帀

Wiziin is the only community partner of Scaleup Impact Summit 2021 in Viet Nam, therefore we would love to introduce this exciting event toward every individual and organizations who are interested in the entrepreneur world with the information as below.

SIS21 – Scaleup Impact Summit 2021 is an international conference for entrepreneurs, investors and other related stakeholders from experts, advisors to any individual, organizations which have positive impacts upon the local and regional startup ecosystem.

Especially this year, there will be attractive tracks for attendees to choose:
When participated in SIS21 this year, attendees will have a chance to experience the below tracks:
鈻笍饾悡饾悺饾悶 饾悞饾惌饾悮饾悹饾悶: Be in the know of the most pressing topics, cutting edge technologies, hacks and global startup trends.
鈻笍饾悤饾悶饾惂饾惌饾惍饾惈饾悶 饾悞饾惌饾悮饾悹饾悶: Startup investing and fundraising are topics surrounded by many myths We will help you to see clear. Learn about the entire spectrum from serial entrepreneurs and successful investors, across all stages and industries.
鈻笍饾悥饾惃饾惈饾悿饾惉饾悺饾惃饾惄: Sharpen your know-how and methodology and participate in creating and realising the future, one solution at a time.
鈻笍饾悑饾惃饾惍饾惂饾悹饾悶饾惉: Cut the fluff and start having real, raw and honest conversations – off the mic.
Scaleup CEOs and Founders: Frank, true, dedicated to the vision and business of the growth stage company to create meaning business/investor connections.
鈻笍饾悓饾悮饾惌饾悳饾悺饾惁饾悮饾悿饾悽饾惂饾悹: The Matchmaking track is all about action: Discussions, feedback and deals made – this is where futures are created.
鈻笍饾悏饾惃饾悰 饾悈饾悮饾悽饾惈: a special space for candidates from undergraduates, graduate students all the way to seasoned professionals.

What are you waiting for??? Let’s join right today with the link as below to receive a discount to nearly 50% from Wiziin like below:
馃敼General Attendee : $59.40
馃敻Student: $17.10
馃敼Startups – 3 teammates : $29.70
馃敻Group Packages – 3 Tickets: $39.60
馃敼Group Package – 5 tickets : $35.64

鉁嶏笍Registration Link:

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Global Startup Competition

饾棳饾棦饾棬 饾棓饾棩饾棙 饾棞饾棥饾棭饾棞饾棫饾棙饾棗 饾棫饾棦 饾棜饾棦 饾棜饾棢饾棦饾棔饾棓饾棢 饾棖饾棦饾棤饾棧饾棙饾棫饾棞饾棫饾棞饾棦饾棥 饾棛饾棦饾棩 饾棫饾棙饾棖饾棝饾棥饾棦饾棢饾棦饾棜饾棳 饾棪饾棫饾棓饾棩饾棫饾棬饾棧

With the rise of unicorns, foreign venture capital firms, and corporations, Asia is seen as the home of a young and vibrant technology startup ecosystem. It鈥檚 maturing at a rapid pace, and capital is increasingly being allocated to up-and-coming players.
Understanding the role of the Asian playground for startups in Vietnam, Wiziin respectfully accompanying Angel Hub – Hong Kong’s technology investment platform connecting investors and startups, give founders and startups a competition:
饾悊饾惀饾惃饾悰饾悮饾惀 饾悞饾惌饾悮饾惈饾惌饾惍饾惄 饾悅饾惃饾惁饾惄饾悶饾惌饾悽饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆 (饾悊饾悞饾悅 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆)
GSC aims to find the best tech startups around the globe that are scaling in Asia and to unleash their full potential by providing them with the visibility, network, and funding needed to grow.
鉁嶏笍 饾棩饾棽饾棿饾椂饾榾饾榿饾棽饾椏 饾椀饾棽饾椏饾棽:

馃憠 饾檷饾櫄饾櫖饾櫀饾櫑饾櫃饾櫒 饾櫅饾櫎饾櫑 饾櫓饾櫇饾櫄 饾櫖饾櫈饾櫍饾櫍饾櫄饾櫑:
The 10 finalists who will be selected will compete for the grand prize.
饾悈饾惍饾惂饾悵饾悽饾惂饾悹: Pitch your business to compete for up to US$10,000 cash prize and US$1,000,000 equity investment prize.
饾悜饾悶饾惉饾惃饾惍饾惈饾悳饾悶饾惉: Get empowered with corporate partnerships, networking events across our network in Asia and EMEA as well as a Softlanding package into the Greater Bay Area.
饾悇饾惐饾惄饾惃饾惉饾惍饾惈饾悶: Gain international exposure in front of a selected audience of investors, media partners, and industry experts.
馃憠 饾棯饾椀饾椂饾棸饾椀 饾榾饾榿饾棶饾椏饾榿饾槀饾椊饾榾 饾棶饾椏饾棽 饾槃饾棽 饾椆饾椉饾椉饾椄饾椂饾椈饾棿 饾棾饾椉饾椏?
Startups in the following one of five verticals:
路 饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺 饾悂饾煇饾悅: Transform financial sectors by applying disruptive ideas and new digital technologies. Primarily targets B2C business, including solutions such as payment infrastructure, customer service through chatbots, blockchain and artificial intelligence.
路 饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺 饾悂饾煇饾悂: Targets B2B business, which encompasses a broad range of solutions including data-based decision making, hyper-personalised AI powered services that learn from customer patterns, business lending, etc.
路 饾悓饾惃饾悰饾悽饾惀饾悽饾惌饾惒 饾悞饾惁饾悮饾惈饾惌饾悅饾悽饾惌饾惒: Basically a framework, predominantly composed of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), to develop, deploy, and promote sustainable development practices to address growing urbanisation challenges.
路 饾悋饾悶饾悮饾惀饾惌饾悺 饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺: Focus on improving quality of life, developing solutions that address a broad range of fields within the health industry: clinical decision support, computerized disease registries, consumer health IT applications, Electronic medical record systems etc.
路 饾悊饾惈饾悶饾悶饾惂 饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺: Business models aimed at minimising the environmental impact of companies. Tech companies that focus on resource efficiency, pollution prevention, blue economy, sustainability and renewable energies are some examples that fall into this category.

馃憠 饾悅饾惈饾悽饾惌饾悶饾惈饾悽饾悮 饾惌饾惃 饾悮饾惄饾惄饾惀饾惒:
– Team of 5 full time equivalent minimum
– Remaining runway of 6 month minimum
– Total raising amount between $1,000,000 and $4,000,000 (USD)
– Already raised money once (excluding founders money)
– Minimum Viable Product with Traction
– Scaling or operating in Asia (latest by end 2021)
馃憠 饾悞饾悶饾惀饾悶饾悳饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾惄饾惈饾惃饾悳饾悶饾惉饾惉:
路 饾悁饾惄饾惄饾惀饾悽饾悳饾悮饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂:
No later than February 28th, 2021: Let us know more about your company.
路 饾悞饾悶饾惁饾悽-饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀:
March 8-12th, 2021: 10 companies from verticals will be selected to pitch for semi finals.
路 饾悊饾惈饾悮饾惂饾悵 饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悮饾惀饾惉:
March 24th, 2021: 2 winners per vertical will be selected to pitch.
As a strategic partner of AngelHub, Wiziin is very pleased to be the contact point to support Angel Hub in promoting and sourcing attendees in Vietnam. If you have any thoughts or to know more information, please let us know via this page.
All information will be regularly updated on the Wiziin fanpage, follow us to not be missed.
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V峄沬 s峄 tr峄梚 d岷瓂 c峄 c谩c k峄 l芒n, c谩c c么ng ty v脿 t岷璸 膽o脿n 膽岷 t瓢 m岷 hi峄僲 n瓢峄沜 ngo脿i, Ch芒u 脕 膽ang 膽瓢峄 coi l脿 c谩i n么i c峄 h峄 sinh th谩i c谩c c么ng ty kh峄焛 nghi峄噋 c么ng ngh峄 tr岷 v脿 n膬ng 膽峄檔g. Th峄 tr瓢峄漬g n脿y 膽ang t膬ng tr瓢峄焠g v峄沬 t峄慶 膽峄 nhanh ch贸ng v脿 v峄憂 膽茫 b岷痶 膽岷 膽瓢峄 ph芒n b峄 cho nh峄痭g ng瓢峄漣 ch啤i ti峄乵 n膬ng.
Hi峄僽 膽瓢峄 v峄 tr铆 c峄 ch芒u 脕 膽峄慽 v峄沬 c谩c c么ng ty kh峄焛 nghi峄噋 t岷 Vi峄噒 Nam, Wiziin tr芒n tr峄峮g 膽峄搉g h脿nh c霉ng Angel Hub – n峄乶 t岷g c么ng ngh峄 v峄 膽岷 t瓢 c峄 H峄搉g K么ng k岷縯 n峄慽 nh脿 膽岷 t瓢 v脿 startup, mang 膽岷縩 cho c谩c nh脿 s谩ng l岷璸 v脿 startup cu峄檆 thi:
饾悊饾惀饾惃饾悰饾悮饾惀 饾悞饾惌饾悮饾惈饾惌饾惍饾惄 饾悅饾惃饾惁饾惄饾悶饾惌饾悽饾惌饾悽饾惃饾惂 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆 (饾悊饾悞饾悅 饾煇饾煄饾煇饾煆)
GSC 膽岷穞 m峄 ti锚u t矛m ki岷縨 c谩c c么ng ty kh峄焛 nghi峄噋 c么ng ngh峄 t峄憈 nh岷 tr锚n to脿n c岷 膽ang m峄 r峄檔g quy m么 峄 ch芒u 脕 v脿 ph谩t huy h岷縯 ti峄乵 n膬ng c峄 h峄 b岷眓g c谩ch cung c岷 cho h峄 kh岷 n膬ng hi峄僴 th峄, m岷g l瓢峄沬 v脿 ngu峄搉 v峄憂 c岷 thi岷縯 膽峄 ph谩t tri峄僴.
鉁嶏笍 膼膬ng k媒 t岷 膽芒y:
馃憠 Gi岷 th瓢峄焠g:
10 th铆 sinh l峄峵 v脿o v貌ng chung k岷縯 膽瓢峄 ch峄峮 s岷 tranh gi岷 th瓢峄焠g l峄沶.
V峄憂: Gi岷 th瓢峄焠g ti峄乶 m岷穞 l锚n t峄沬 10.000 膽么 la M峄 v脿 c啤 h峄檌 膽瓢峄 膽岷 t瓢 l锚n t峄沬 1.000.000 膽么 la M峄.
T脿i nguy锚n kh谩c: M峄慽 quan h峄 膽峄慽 t谩c v峄沬 c谩c c么ng ty, c谩c s峄 ki峄噉 k岷縯 n峄慽 峄 Ch芒u 脕 v脿 EMEA c农ng nh瓢 Soft Landing v脿 Greater Bay Area.
Networking: C啤 h峄檌 xu岷 hi峄噉 tr瓢峄沜 c谩c nh脿 膽岷 t瓢, 膽峄慽 t谩c truy峄乶 th么ng v脿 c谩c chuy锚n gia trong ng脿nh.
馃憠 Startup n脿o s岷 ph霉 h峄 v峄沬 cu峄檆 thi ?
Startup 膽i theo m峄檛 trong n膬m ng脿nh d峄峜 sau:
路 饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺 饾悂饾煇饾悅: Chuy峄僴 膽峄昳 l末nh v峄眂 t脿i ch铆nh b岷眓g c谩ch 谩p d峄g nh峄痭g 媒 t瓢峄焠g 膽峄檛 ph谩 v脿 c么ng ngh峄 k峄 thu岷璽 s峄 m峄沬. Ch峄 y岷縰 nh岷眒 v脿o ho岷 膽峄檔g kinh doanh B2C, bao g峄搈 c谩c gi岷 ph谩p nh瓢 c啤 s峄 h岷 t岷g thanh to谩n, d峄媍h v峄 kh谩ch h脿ng th么ng qua chatbots, blockchain v脿 tr铆 tu峄 nh芒n t岷.
路 饾悈饾悽饾惂饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺 饾悂饾煇饾悂: M峄 ti锚u kinh doanh B2B, c谩c gi岷 ph谩p bao g峄搈 vi峄嘽 ra quy岷縯 膽峄媙h d峄盿 tr锚n d峄 li峄噓, c谩c d峄媍h v峄 h峄 tr峄 AI si锚u c谩 nh芒n h贸a h峄峜 h峄廼 t峄 c谩c m岷玼 kh谩ch h脿ng, cho vay kinh doanh, v.v.
路 饾悓饾惃饾悰饾悽饾惀饾悽饾惌饾惒 饾悞饾惁饾悮饾惈饾惌饾悅饾悽饾惌饾惒: Ch峄 y岷縰 bao g峄搈 C么ng ngh峄 Th么ng tin v脿 Truy峄乶 th么ng (ICT) 膽峄 ph谩t tri峄僴, tri峄僴 khai v脿 th煤c 膽岷﹜ th峄眂 ti峄卬 ph谩t tri峄僴 b峄乶 v峄痭g nh岷眒 gi岷 quy岷縯 c谩c th谩ch th峄ヽ 膽么 th峄 h贸a ng脿y c脿ng t膬ng.
路 饾悋饾悶饾悮饾惀饾惌饾悺 饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺: T岷璸 trung v脿o c岷 thi峄噉 ch岷 l瓢峄g cu峄檆 s峄憂g, ph谩t tri峄僴 c谩c gi岷 ph谩p gi岷 quy岷縯 nhi峄乽 l末nh v峄眂 trong ng脿nh y t岷: h峄 tr峄 quy岷縯 膽峄媙h l芒m s脿ng, 膽膬ng k媒 b峄噉h tr锚n m谩y vi t铆nh, 峄﹏g d峄g CNTT y t岷 ti锚u d霉ng, h峄 th峄憂g b峄噉h 谩n 膽i峄噉 t峄, v.v.
路 饾悊饾惈饾悶饾悶饾惂 饾悡饾悶饾悳饾悺: M么 h矛nh kinh doanh nh岷眒 gi岷 thi峄僽 t谩c 膽峄檔g 膽岷縩 m么i tr瓢峄漬g c峄 c谩c c么ng ty. C谩c c么ng ty c么ng ngh峄 t岷璸 trung v脿o hi峄噓 qu岷 t脿i nguy锚n, ng膬n ng峄玜 么 nhi峄卪, n峄乶 kinh t岷 xanh, t铆nh b峄乶 v峄痭g v脿 n膬ng l瓢峄g t谩i t岷 l脿 m峄檛 s峄 v铆 d峄 thu峄檆 lo岷 n脿y.

馃憠 Startup tham gia cu峄檆 thi c岷 c贸 nh峄痭g ti锚u ch铆 g矛?
– Team c贸 t峄慽 thi峄僽 5 ng瓢峄漣 l脿m to脿n th峄漣 gian
– C么ng ty ho岷 膽峄檔g 膽瓢峄 t峄慽 thi岷縰 6 th谩ng v峄沬 s峄 ti峄乶 c貌n l岷 trong t脿i kho岷
– T峄昻g s峄 ti峄乶 g峄峣 v峄憂 t峄 $ 1.000.000 膽岷縩 $ 4.000.000 (USD)
– 膼茫 g峄峣 v峄憂 m峄檛 l岷 (kh么ng bao g峄搈 v峄憂 c峄 founders)
– S岷 ph岷﹎ 峄 giai 膽o岷 MVP
– C贸 媒 膽峄媙h m峄 r峄檔g quy m么 ho岷穋 ho岷 膽峄檔g t岷 Ch芒u 脕 (ch岷璵 nh岷 l脿 cu峄慽 n膬m 2021)
馃憠 C谩c giai 膽o岷 c峄 cu峄檆 thi
路 膼膬ng k媒:
Kh么ng mu峄檔 h啤n ng脿y 28 th谩ng 2 n膬m 2021:
路 B谩n k岷縯:
Ng脿y 8-12 th谩ng 3 n膬m 2021: 10 c么ng ty c峄 5 ng脿nh s岷 膽瓢峄 ch峄峮 膽峄 tham gia v貌ng b谩n k岷縯.
路 Chung k岷縯:
Ng脿y 24 th谩ng 3 n膬m 2021: 2 c么ng ty chi岷縩 th岷痭g m峄梚 ng脿nh s岷 膽瓢峄 ch峄峮 膽峄 pitch.
Tr锚n c瓢啤ng v峄 l脿 膽峄慽 t谩c chi岷縩 l瓢峄 c峄 Angel Hub, Wiziin r岷 h芒n h岷h l脿 t峄 ch峄ヽ duy nh岷 h峄 tr峄 Angel Hub trong vi峄嘽 qu岷g b谩 v脿 t矛m ki岷縨 startup t岷 Vi峄噒 Nam.
Ch铆nh v矛 v岷瓂, n岷縰 c谩c b岷 c岷 th锚m b岷 k峄 th么ng tin ho岷穋 s峄 h峄 tr峄 n脿o, 膽峄玭g ng岷 ng岷 cho ch煤ng t么i bi岷縯.
M峄峣 th么ng tin s岷 膽瓢峄 c岷璸 nh岷璽 th瓢峄漬g xuy锚n tr锚n fanpage Wiziin, nh岷 鈥淔ollow鈥 膽峄 kh么ng b峄 l峄 b岷 c峄 膽i峄乽 g矛 nh茅.