Modular robotic platform for healthcare operations with UV disinfection and more

OhmniLabs empowers people to optimize and outperform their everyday tasks. From enhanced UV-C disinfection to premium remote communication, OhmniLabs have a robotic solution for Hospitals.

OhmniLabs has developed an advanced, low-cost, and configurable Autonomous Mobile Robotics Platform with in-house lean manufacturing capability. Utilizing their platform, OhmniLabs managed to develop and launch within only 6 months OhmniClean, a self-driving UV-C disinfection robot, to tackle a volatile market (projected to grow $5B in the next 5 years).

Leveraging the huge amount of data collected, and existing partnerships, OhmniLabs is planning to roll out in the near future other high-potential use cases such as food and medicine delivery or operating room automation.


OhmniClean is 2x-5x faster, 5x-10x more effective and at 1/2 the cost while still having a massive profit margin. Hitting on strong pain points of hospitals such as labor shortages and rising labor costs, OhmniClean enjoys much shorter sales cycles with customers already including big names like US Veteran Affairs Hospitals, Indian Health Services, and NIH facilities.

Ohmni® Telepresence Robot

Their signature telepresence robots bring remote communication to a new level. Launched in 2015, these robots bridge distances and create connections, from doctors checking on patients to hospitalized kids attending school, and were recently featured at Super Bowl LVII.


$10M+ raised
The company has previously raised over $10M in capital
$5M+ revenue
The company had over $5M in revenue in the past 12 months
Tier-1 Venture backing
A tier-1 VC firm backs the Company
  • Develop & deploy autonomous UV disinfection robots and telepresence robots
  • UV-C disinfection robots: eliminates 99.99% of harmful & deadly pathogens
  • 3-5x more effective & half the cost of other UV solutions
  • Telepresence: 4K+ robots sold: 49 countries, 700+ clients and 50+ hospitals
  • Clients: VA hospitals, Google, Walmart, Ford, Apple, Amazon, Zoom, NFL, +
  • Press: Bloomberg, Washington Post, NYT, Fox, Forbes, CNN, CNBC, WIRED +
  • Founders: Stanford | Carnegie Mellon | Google | 2 prior exits

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