Fundraising 101

Angel Syndicates: What Startups need to know

For startups, equity financing comes in various shapes and sizes. The most common type is a traditional venture capital firm. However, there are other instruments and organizations that will fund

Angel Syndicate 101: How to meet an Angel Group?

Angel Syndicates is no longer a strange term among startup investors. Apart from looking for investments through bank debts, venture capital funds, or angel investors, Angel Syndicate is also a

What types of funding for your startup?

Every business needs funding, a point that’s especially true for startups. In the same words, choosing investment sources for your startup is such an important role. Because it could be

Later stage - What should startups do?

Later stage – What should startups do?

Investing in the later stage (growth stage) means that the company has developed its product, demonstrated that it has a market opportunity, generated meaningful revenue, and is nearing being point