Fundraising 101

Should I raise debt or equity?

Startups often raise their seed round by selling convertible debt instead of equity because debt is simpler and cheaper. Read Yokum Taku’s excellent series on convertible debt for a primer. Seed stage convertible debt

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Business Mastering

Why business model fail: pipes vs platform

Why do most social networks never take off? Why are marketplaces such difficult businesses? Why do startups with the best technology fail so often? There are two broad business models:

Women in Fintech Revolution

Being a combination of two traditionally male-dominated landscape – finance and technology, Fintech is well known to have a gender diversity problems. According to Oliver Wyman’s analysis (2020), women only

What deep tech startup needs to be successful?

Deep Technology (Deep Tech) is receiving increasing attention from world-wide entrepreneurs and investors. A comprehensive report from BCG and Hello Tomorrow on Deep Tech investment revealed that over the course

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Timbake Dang, Dizim AI

HMT – House of Media Production, and Technologies, they live and breathe creating easy-to-use, intelligent and unforgettable customer experiences by the combination between cutting-edge technologies such as AI and media

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