How to raise fund

  • Apply to raise

    Once you’ve created an online application, we’ll meet with you to better understand your story and business and work out how we can best meet your needs.

  • Sign NDA & Deal Engagement

    We respect your business safety just like ours and make sure all deals happen on Wiziin is protected by NDA

  • Prepare your data room & investment offer

    Your dedicated Investment Associate will work closely with you throughout the process to build a compelling investment offer.

  • Launch

    Private Mode: invite select investors from your own network. Optionally, we can add well-aligned Angels and VC’s from our own.
    Public Mode: you have the option to launch in public mode, inviting our entire investor base to join the syndicate.

  • Close

    Meetup with the interested investors that you’d like to participate in the syndicate.

Expand your investor network

The biggest cost of fundraising is your time. Find smart capital faster, reduce the number of trivial meetings with Wiziin.
The most suitable investors can regularly be found outside your network

Tailored presentations

Our matching algorithm introduces you continuously to relevant investors in our fast-growing investor network.

Trusted investors

Investors are manually screened before admission to make sure you can pass the middlemen and ghost investors.

Get funded faster

Grow your related investor network in less time so you can concentrate on developing your business.

Start your
funding journey now