Driving Innovation in the Automatic Trading Systems Industry

C&T Electronic Company is a rising science and technology enterprise specializing in the field of automatic trading systems. With their innovative solutions and cutting-edge technology, C&T is helping customers streamline their operations and leverage the consumers’ experiences. C&T wants to contribute to speeding up the Vietnamese digitization process.

In this article, we will take a closer look at what makes C&T unique and why they are a startup worth investing in.

Integrating Multiple Payment Methods

At C&T, they understand that efficient and effective trading is crucial to the success of any business. That’s why they have built a versatile and flexible digitizing solution that integrates multiple payment methods, including the ability to return the cash. This makes C&T’s solution the one-stop solution for various paying use cases, including school smart card systems and automated payment transactions at tourist attractions.

Modular Approach for Easy Customization

C&T’s system is based on a modular approach, which allows for easy customization and adjustment to meet clients’ specific needs. This versatile and flexible solution can be applied to many different use cases, making it ideal for a wide range of businesses.

Self-Manufacturing and In-House R&D Team

With a strong in-house R&D team and a complete self-manufacturing cycle, C&T provides high-quality products and services at a competitive price. This in-house R&D team is dedicated to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring that C&T stays at the forefront of the automatic trading systems industry.

Comprehensive Product and Service Offerings

C&T’s product and service offerings include an automatic trading machine, a school smart card system, and centralized management software. These solutions are equipped with various forms of identification, including ID card, fingerprint, face ID, and biometrics, making them ideal for various paying use cases. The centralized management software provides a comprehensive and efficient management solution for all of C&T’s offerings, including real-time monitoring and control of the whole cycle.

Approach the market

Join the mission to drive innovation in the automatic trading systems industry and support C&T in the seed funding round. Invest in a company that is dedicated to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of businesses everywhere. C&T has two distinct target markets: schools and tourist attractions, both of which are well-aligned with their mission to provide innovative and efficient equipment.

For schools, C&T offers a comprehensive smart card system designed specifically for middle and high schools in Vietnam. This solution includes a smart card for students, a centralized management system, and a variety of applications to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of school operations. The school smart card system streamlines internal services and payment systems, making it easier for schools to manage their operations and for students to access the services they need.

For tourist attractions, C&T provides an automatic trading machine for automated payment transactions. This solution is ideal for resorts, relics, amusement parks, scenic spots, and other tourist destinations where efficient and effective payment transactions are crucial to the success of the business. With their versatile and flexible digitizing solution, C&T helps tourist attractions improve their operations and provide a better experience for their customers.

With 11,541 secondary and high schools in Vietnam and 480 of these schools located in Ho Chi Minh City, there is significant potential for growth in the education sector for smart card systems and electronic payment solutions.

The tourism industry in Vietnam is also growing rapidly, with a reported growth rate of 51% from 2021-2022. With over 10,000 tourist and sightseeing places in Vietnam, there is significant potential for C&T to provide efficient and convenient payment solutions for these attractions.

C&T is now in the seed funding round and is calling for capital to support their growth and development. This funding will help C&T further their research and development efforts, expand their product offerings, and improve their manufacturing capabilities. With the support of this funding, C&T will be able to provide even better solutions for their clients and help companies achieve their goals through their innovative and efficient tools.

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