C&G Food with a mission to revolutionize the Vietnamese dining table with clean ingredients, devoid of preservatives and chemicals.

C&G Food has identified the use of preservatives, additives, and colorants in traditional instant noodles and aims to provide a healthier alternative.

C&G Food offers an array of vegetable-based noodles, including kale, turmeric, spirulina, beetroot, and spinach varieties. These noodles contain 38% fresh vegetables and have no harmful ingredients. The production process involves cold-drying technology that preserves the vegetables’ nutrition, without oil frying. Their average price is an affordable and healthy option for customers.

C&G Food’s target customers include individuals on a diet, vegetarians, moms, babies, and children from 8 months old who are fussy eaters and prefer noodles to vegetables. The company emphasizes the nutritional value of their products, with only 175 calories per serving and vegan noodles made using only whole wheat flour and vegetables.

The founding team has over ten years of experience in the food processing industry and includes a serial entrepreneur with expertise in establishing manufacturing companies. C&G Food’s business model focuses on production, retail, and customer engagement. The distribution channels include working with retailers to ensure that products reach customers with ease.

The Vietnamese market is receptive to products that prioritize healthy eating, with 70% of people being conscious of food ingredients and the origin of such ingredients. Additionally, 80% of consumers are willing to pay more for products branded as “green” and “clean.” C&G Food caters to this demand by offering a healthy alternative to traditional instant noodles.

C&G Food, the Vietnamese food company that focuses on producing healthy and clean ingredients, is currently in the process of raising funds. The company aims to raise capital to scale up its production and distribution, expand its product line, and invest in marketing.

C&G Food’s fundraising efforts are a reflection of the company’s commitment to providing healthy and nutritious food options to customers. With a focus on clean ingredients, innovative technology, and affordability, C&G Food has already made a significant impact on the Vietnamese food industry. The company’s future looks bright as it continues to expand its reach and provide customers with healthier and more nutritious food options.

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