Wiziin x WSU: Venture Makers Season 3


Wiziin accompanies Venture Maker season 3

After 2 successful seasons of  Venture Makers and leaving many imprints, Western Sydney Vietnam’s incubator (Launch Pad VN) is back with the Venture Makers season 3 program, a playground that brings a lot of knowledge with many practical and attractive activities for students who have a passion and interest in entrepreneurship. 

Wiziin is a companion partner with Launch Pad in the third season of Venture Makers program. This program provides opportunities for students to engage with innovation and entrepreneurship, along with a range of techniques and tools that have practical importance for their future careers.

After completing the course on entrepreneurship, students continue to build a Business Plan. Here, you are accompanied by Mentors from Wiziin and startups and large corporations.

Hot start-up ideas at Demo Day season 3

Finally, you participated in the Pitch Presentation with the participation of real investors in Vietnam to present their ideas and fundraising. It’s Venture Makers – Demo Day!

On Demo Day, students presented their projects in front of a panel of judges who are a well-known investment and startup experts in the industry. This is a valuable opportunity for students, not only to show their talents but also to receive a constructive evaluation of the project. Thereby, the project partners have grown during the process of joining Venture Makers.

Mr. Dang Nhut Thong – Co-founder and Chairman of Wiziin Inc. participated as the Jury of the program. 

Wiziin is happy to be a partner and Mentor of the program. In the future, hopefully, Wiziin will continue to accompany the program in the upcoming season 4.




SE Asia Booster is a structured immersion programme crafted to initiate Founders into BLOCK71’s Global Startup Runway Track. Through just the first 6 weeks with us, we empower you with the necessary skills and resources for:

  • Establishing a solid foundation of know-how to build a tech startup.
  • Scaling a tech startup effectively to tackle regional markets.
  • Securing connections with reputable VCs, corporates and governments across Asia.

Apply now if your startup:

  • Addresses challenges and opportunities in Smart Environments, Future of Food, Health & Wellbeing, Industry 4.0 and/or Web 3.0
  • Incorporated Business (Valid Business ID)
  • Building an Early-Stage Technology Startup
  • Existing Customer Traction (Market Ready Solution)
  • Looking to scale across Southeast and East Asia in the next one year

Programme Details:

  • Date: 21st Mar 2022.
  • Duration: 6 Weeks, consisting of weekly mentoring & workshops, Founders’ Circle events, as well as a showcase to a panel of Investors & Corporates on 29th Apr 2022.
  • Location: Virtual
  • Fees: Free for the first 3 months (2 passes ONLY)

Startups can apply here, and the applications will close on March 7, 2022, upon which, we will be selecting 10 Startups from the application pool.


During this journey, founders will receive mentorship and guidance from industry mentors and experienced entrepreneurs, connect with potential business partners, pitch in front of a panel of top-tier investors, and get plugged into a global community of Asian tech founders.

This is where the BLOCK71 Global Startup Runway begins.

For more details, please drop us a message at saigon@block71.co or visit https://bit.ly/block71-seasia3.

Thank you and best regards.

Wiziin x TECHFEST 2021

Wiziin x TECHFEST 2021

The biggest annual event for innovative start-ups – The 7th National festival for innovative startups, TECHFEST VIETNAM 2021 was officially launched. More than 50 events will be held throughout the country from September to December on online platforms, promising to bring together innovative start-ups, support units, experts and investors in 16 technology fields/aspects related to innovative start-ups domestically as well as internationally.

TECHFEST 2021 is held with the theme Embracing Innovation – Reshaping The Future. In 2021, the Covid-19 pandemic continues to be extremely complicated which makes the start-up path even more difficult. Innovating, changing the way of living, working and interacting is no longer an option, but has become a must. This year, TECHFEST aims to promote technology solutions of innovative start-ups, an “open” innovation platform in solving society’s problems in the context of Covid-19 and recovering the post-Covid economy. It is about time when startups need to seize new opportunities to rise up, to “shape the future” through technology initiatives. At the same time, using intellectual power, innovation as the center to develop combined with the strength of national unity.

TECHFEST this year has launched the SMART CITY & PROPTECH VILLAGE. With the goal of forming an Innovation ecosystem in the field of real estate technology & smart cities, the Village has organized intensive activities gathering leading experts in the industry.

A ‘Green – Smart – Modern’ city with digital transformation as the foundation for development, innovation is an inevitable trend and priority of the country in the process of integrating into the digital era. SmartCity & Proptech Village within the framework of the Techfest 2021 project will be a place to support and spread community values, an incubator and support startups in smart cities and real estate technology according to the criteria “Green – Smart – Modern”

At the event series of the SMART CITY & PROPTECH VILLAGE, Wiziin accompanied the events:

  • Competition “Technology Solutions for Smart City and PropTech”

After TECHFEST 2021, Wiziin truly hopes to see more inventive Vietnam’s startups will be a part of this movement!

Wiziin x TECHFEST 2021

Read more:

TECHFEST 2021: Breakthrough solution for proptech startups in Vietnam

Following the talk series series organized by SmartCity & proptech Village organized by Techfest Vietnam 2021, the topic “Key factors to approach investors” will introduce common problems when raising capital of fledgling proptech startups. as well as give advice on overcoming barriers from this model.

The program is led by Ms. Minh Le – Co-Head of SmartCity & Proptech Village with the participation of Mr. Thong Dang, co-founder of the Wiziin platform.

Need to define a solution

In recent years, the digital technology platform in the real estate market is known more and more widely under the name proptech. It becomes an indispensable bridge between investors and suitable potential project funds.

It can be seen that in recent years proptech has “exploded” in Vietnam with a series of million-dollar contracts signed through this platform. Last June, Rever received an additional 4 million USD from Vinacapital Ventures. Real estate platform Propzy is planning to raise an additional $25 million in this year’s Series B funding round.

However, according to Mr. Thong Dang, co-founder of the Wiziin platform, Vietnam’s fledgling proptech startups miss many investment opportunities because they do not clearly define the solutions to bring to the market.

“If you create a product that the market already has, how will your product be different from what has come before? This is their biggest barrier,” Mr. Thong said.

According to experts, with the characteristics of the real estate market in Vietnam, there are many arising, which easily lead to legal problems and non-transparent transactions, the problem often posed for proptech startups is Accurate property valuation and management solutions. In addition, some potential solutions are also developing virtual home tours, ensuring the quality of transactions against the challenge of social distancing.

Process of approaching investors

Through organizations that connect investors like Wiziin, or competitions like Techfest, where young people find community groups and experts in the field, they will help them navigate the development model.

Particularly for a model like Wiziin, the team of advisors will help startups take the necessary preparation steps to successfully raise capital through 101 consultations. After that, Wiziin will make a list of potential investors. suitable for fundraising products to distribute documents. Investors with feedback will be selected and connected to the startup through separate channels to complete the next strategic development steps.

Steps to prepare necessary capital raising documents for startups

According to Mr. Thong Dang, in order to prepare a standard “pitch deck” fundraising application, young startups need to pay attention and prepare clear and accurate answers to the following questions:

What is your business model? What is the future rate of return?
Note: Investors will only be interested if your model delivers “smashing” returns instead of 10-20% growth.
What solution does your product bring to the market? Does it satisfy the needs of the market?
Clarify what activities were done, how and for how long. What stages has your model gone through?
Clarifying the current staffing team. Who is the leader? What is this person’s vision and strategy?
What is the general financial picture for the next 1-3 years?

Notes for young startups

At the end of the sharing session, Mr. Thong Dang gave some notes to the startup community in general and proptech startups who are participating in the contest “INTELLIGENT CITY SOLUTIONS & REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY IN THE DIGITAL AGE”:

Firstly, the fundraising process needs 3-6 months to appraise the application, startups should prepare the work related to the paperwork in advance. For example, by the end of 2022 you will run out of the first runway, from June you should start preparing the necessary documents.

Secondly, for startups that are in the early stages, you should not look to crowdfunding because a decision must depend on a democratic process from shareholders, which takes time and reduce work productivity. Instead, the CEO or head should be the one making the decisions.

Third, if you are just forming with ideas, young people should not start raising capital but should choose to seek advice from expert advisors in the field of proptech. It will be better if you take the time to establish a clear legal team and company before going to meet investors.

About SmartCity & Proptech Village – Techfest Vietnam 2021

A ‘Green – Smart – Modern’ city with digital transformation as the foundation for development, innovation is an inevitable trend and priority of the country in the process of integrating into the digital era. SmartCity & Proptech Village within the framework of Techfest 2021 project will be a place to support and spread community values, an incubator and support startups in smart cities and real estate technology according criteria “Green – Smart – Modern”

Steps to register to attend Techfest 2021 – SmartCity & Proptech Village
– Registration link: https://techfest.vn/hoat-dong/participation-cuoc-thi/
– Registration deadline: October 26, 2021

Candidates who register to attend prepare full information, including:
– Full information about the project/entrant: Business name, Business age, Head office, Representative name- Title…
– Project capacity profile

  • Product introduction video




Artificial intelligence (AI) is no doubt the current hot topic everywhere. The technology is leaving its footprint in almost every domain and marketing is no exception. We do know one Vietnam Startup is leaning into this hot area.

HMT – House of Media Production and Technologies is creating Dizim.ai, AI creative video generation & digital marketing platform applying AI, big data as well as creative media production expertise.

Starting with the passion of helping brands engage their customers by making inspiring stories and unforgettable customer experiences, Dizim.ai offers online businesses a streamless & easy-to-use experience, automatic digital marketing solution with affordable cost.

This new vetted startup is opening for the new round. If you are Seed Round Investor, register to see more information:


Feel free to contact us if you need any assistant: contact@wiziin.com

Wiziin & HubSpot for Startups Partnership Announcement

Wiziin and hubspot

We’re excited to partner with HubSpot for Startups to offer their program designed specifically to help startups grow and scale better, and faster – at a startup-friendly cost!

What is the HubSpot for Startups Program?

Content, masterclasses, and 24/7 support to get your startup growing. From board deck templates to quick tips on customer acquisition, this content is made just for you. Plus, you’ll have access to world-class support from HubSpot experts and a startup-friendly onboarding experience.

Access to HubSpot Growth Platform, a full suite of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, with a completely free CRM at its core at a startup-friendly price, to help you grow and scale better. The software grows as you do, so you have access to in-person product training, too. All of this is up to 90% off.

Access to over 500+ software integrations, many at startup-friendly pricing, as well as the opportunity to build integration on the HubSpot platform.

Are you eligible? 

If your startup is currently joining Wiziin Platform and meets the following funding criteria:

1. A startup with under $2 million in funding

Get up to 90% off HubSpot software in your first year, 50% off in your second, and 25% off ongoing. 

2. A startup that has raised over $2 million in named funding up to and including Series A

Get up to 50% off in your first year, and 25% off ongoing. 

***HubSpot for Startups pricing is applicable to net-new Professional or Enterprise level products. Starter level products are excluded, unless bundled with qualifying Professional or Enterprise purchases or upgrades. Customers may not apply the startup program pricing to existing subscriptions of any level.***

Redeeming these benefits 

Fill in this form to apply via Wiziin referral, we will support eligible startups to the Program.


In the past few months, healthcare has endured at the top of mind for the whole country. The speed with which COVID-19 is spreading means the overloaded medical system, and traditional healthcare solutions are no longer working.

Vietnam’s pharmaceutical industry market is about 7.7 billion USD with 22,000 drugs. In 2021, the value of Vietnam’s pharmaceutical market reached VND 103,912 billion (+2% YoY). 

As of 2021, the pharmaceutical production and business system comprise about 250 manufacturing plants, 200 import-export facilities, 4,300 wholesale agents, and more than 62,000 retail agents.

Chothuoctay e-commerce is a growing marketplace for retail and wholesale in the pharmaceutical industry founded in 2019. By helping users buy medical products on online local pharmacies, it aims to provide a solution that makes the medical product purchase process 10 times faster.

With a mission to help people buy medical products quickly and efficiently, ChoThuocTay’s e-commerce website has more than 600+ suppliers of pharmacies and clinics, together with +10,000 users on the platform and growing towards a great expectation. 

Chothuoctay is available on Google Play, Apple App Store, and website which provides the marketplace to connect reputable pharmacies in Vietnam. The customers can:

  • Take a picture of the prescription and send it to the pharmacy
  • Video call with the pharmacist
  • Create a reminder to take medicine
  • Buy medicine online

Being a marketplace, ChoThuocTay aims to provide a solution that makes the medical product purchase process 10 times faster. The deal means ChoThuocTay will add another 18 months runway, 8x times existing revenues, 20x times its current client base. They are on the long-term goal to have 9000 local pharmacies in the next 4 years.

To become a part of their fundraising journey, join Wiziin as a Professional Investor to take a look at their campaign page by contacting us now via contact@wiziin.com or this page. The fundraising round’s expected to close at the end of December 2021. Contact us now to find out more!

Wiziin x WSU: Venture Makers season 2

From June to August 2021, Wiziin was a companion with Launch Pad in the second season of the Venture Makers program. Venture Makers is a program organized by Launch Pad Startup Center, affiliated with Western University. Sydney and Western Sydney Vietnam. This is a program that provides the knowledge about entrepreneurship as well as the necessary skills to help students confidently develop their unique business ideas into reality.

After completing the course, students attending Venture Makers will have the opportunity to participate in a Pitch Presentation with the participation of real investors in Vietnam to present their ideas and call for funding, called Venture Makers – Demo Day!

Demo Day of Venture Makers II took place more special with the online form via the Livestorm platform. Although the first time, there are many surprises in organizing online; But with the careful preparation from the organizer as well as the professionalism from the judges and the competition teams, Demo Day went extremely smoothly and successfully.

Mr. Dang Nhut Thong – Co-founder and Chairman of Wiziin Inc. participated as the Jury of the program.

Wiziin was glad to be a partner and Mentor of the program. In the future, it is hoped that Wiziin will continue to accompany the show in the upcoming season 3.


Wiziin is thrilled and excited to announce our partnerships with 5 trail-blazing start-up companies in May 2021. Welcome, Harrison Spence, Uniigym, Doodle Brand, Hasu, and Xperx for joining our investment platform. 💛💛💛💛

Harrison Spence – a London-based financial consulting business that is reputable for providing insight and valuable support for IFA’s and businesses in the retail financial services sector. Harrison Spence has been established for more than 12 years by professionals with decades of business experience. Having been awarded as the Best Retail M&A Practice in the UK in 2016 and the Most Client-Focused M&A Advisory Firm in the UK in 2019, there is no doubt in Harrison Spence’s understanding of their specific market and their clients. By taking a slow but careful approach, Harrison Spence staff ensures that each of their clients can grow and prosper in the long run and bring more great value to society.

Uniigym – a cloud and AI-based, interactive fitness and gaming mass volume content platform in Taiwan. Their interactive fitness platform allows their users to transform any space into a workout area, while AI-generated sound and lighting effects accompany users through various types of workouts “Uniigymis here to revolutionize the virtual fitness experience,” founders, Lin and Wang, said. “Users can transform their living room into a workout space with access to fitness courses curated by ‘world-renowned’ fitness trainers,” said Wang

Doodle Brands – a design thinking brand innovation company using a unique and first of its kind human-centered approach to creative framing and problem-solving. They are the first agency in Vietnam to apply the design thinking method to help businesses get better at branding their names to the customers.

Hasu – an outstanding application providing various healthcare solutions for middle-aged and elderly people in Vietnam. Being the first comprehensive healthcare application focusing on the aging population, Hasu offers its users advice and suggestion about exercises, nutrition, and meditation in the form of online courses or video lessons with their highly qualified instructors and doctors.

And Xperx – a leading company providing a 360° customer engagement platform that connects all aspects of online and offline marketing and data. Their AI-driven integrated CRM platform collects and provides analysis of all data from marketing and sales websites as well as mobile applications to best serve their clients’ targets with given time and money.
Through this strategic partnership, Wiziin and 5 partners will jointly focus to build awareness and market for all companies. Wiziin also helps 5 partners to find the best strategic, financial, and technological solutions to access capital easily and conveniently through a reliable investment platform, open up many opportunities for cooperation and create a healthy environment for information.
As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, Wiziin also acts as an intermediary between 5 start-ups and our partners to ensure that the mutual benefits of all parties are fully maximized. Harrison Spence, Uniigym, Doodle Brand, Hasu, and Xperx will eventually become users as start-ups on WiZiin’s AI platform and promote the participation of their partners and customers on it.

About Harrison Spence
Harrison Spence is a London-based financial consulting business with more than 12 years of top-notch services. They provide excellent financial assistance and solutions for a wide range of businesses that are fully customized to clients’ needs, some of which include Strategic Business Reviews, Valuations, Market Research, Preparing Business for Acquisitions or Sales,… To learn more about Harrison Spence, please visit:https://harrisonspence.co.uk
About Uniigym
Uniigym implements AI technology to create fitness content using green screen shooting and graphic design. It can also be used to detect motion to self-generate music and special effects.
To learn more about Uniigym, please visit: https://www.uniigym.com
About Doodle Brands
Doodle Brands is the first agency in Vietnam to apply the design thinking method in order to help businesses get better at branding their names to the customers.
To learn more about Doodle Brands, please visit: https://doodlebrands.co
About Hasu
As the first comprehensive health care application for middle-aged and elderly people in Vietnam, HASU brings the qualified knowledge about health, physical exercises, macrobiotics, meditation… and a variety of courses helping us maintain a long, healthy, happy and productive life.To learn more about Hasu, please visit:

About Xperx
Xperx is a 360° Customer Engagement Platform which connects all aspects of online and offline marketing and data. Xperx’s AI-driven CRM platform commingles all data of marketing and sales website and mobile applications.
XpertX Contact: Website: http://www.xpertx.com/#PageTopLinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/xperx-ai/

Wiziin & SDGx Partnership Announcement

Ho Chi Minh, May 28th, 2021

Wiziin is greatly delighted to give notice of our partnership with SDGx – a private UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) technology funds management and advisory group, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Sydney, Bangkok, and Berlin. SDGx offers a full-service ecosystem that includes innovative investment management, global venture acceleration, business intelligence, deal flow scouting, and research for all sectors – private, public, and civic. With this new partnership, Wiziin and SDGx share a common goal to offer an invaluable combination of knowledge, experience, and understanding about impact investment in the era of sustainable development. Both Wiziin and SDGx are committed to working together to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals through the advancement of next-generation technologies, building talent that can drive positive impacts, and facilitating investments that can return market+ returns.
Backed by professionals and experts in the investment industry, Wiziin specializes in using AI technology to optimize the decision-making process for venture capitalists. As an indication of the commitment to the partnership, Wiziin also acts as an intermediary between SDGx and our partners to ensure that the mutual benefits of both parties are fully maximized.
To open up the collaboration between SDGx and Wiziin, we are honored to invite Mr. Christian Walter, Founder Partner of SDGx, Private United Nation Sustainable Development Goals Fund to be the first expert joining our brand new webinar – “ETalk: Adventure to the venture”. As a sharing series of experienced VC partners from all over the world, the webinar will provide hands-on experiences, which are an opportunity for startup founders to gain a deep understanding of VCs’ mindsets and psychological drivers.

About Wiziin
Wiziin is an data-driven solutions in capital raising, dealmaking, portfolio monitoring, fund administration for VC, Angel Investors and SMEs in the Asia Pacific Region.

Wiziin contact:

About SDGx
SDGx is a global UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) technology venture capital and advisory group, headquartered in Singapore with offices in Sydney, Bangkok, and Berlin. SDGx offers a full-service ecosystem that includes business intelligence, deal flow scouting, venture acceleration, research, and innovative investment for all sectors – private, public, and civic. SDGx is building a new partnership architecture to reimagine and rejuvenate UN SDG achievement through a forward-looking partnership, investment, technology, and governance framework.
SDGx Contact: