Ultion Technologies

Ultion is building its capabilities on the experience and knowledge of its founder and team as well as valuable intellectual property related to materials, processes, and formulations for producing lithium-ion batteries. The Mission of Ultion is to develop, innovate, implement, and commercialize lithium-ion batteries and battery technology to meet the world’s energy storage needs.

Ultion’s current expertise spans from battery materials to complete energy storage systems with a particular focus on electrode development, improvements, and innovations to battery cells, packs, and systems. Ultion’s goal and capability are to build safe, high-performance battery products and systems for tier-one applications.


The safe, high-performance battery products and systems with a patented fire-safe polymer technology for tier-one applications for US and Vietnam markets

Large supply for medical, military, and industrial markets

American-designed lithium battery products are manufactured in Vietnam

Competitive Advantage


A high-performance battery producer in the niche markets unserved by high-volume commodity producers, most of which are in China.

Local manufacturers

Both Vietnamese and American cell users would prefer to source cells from local manufacturers if they were available.

Intellectual Property and Assets 

Ultion has acquired or developed critical intellectual property and/or intangible assets related to battery development, manufacture, production, and use.


The highest energy power and energy LFP cells in the world.

The demand for lithium ion batteries is growing at 12.3% CAGR and large operations are required. The size of special purpose battery applications such as military, medical, industrials… is significant, over US$ 12B with 10% CAGR growth rate with unparalleled supply.

American users prefer non-China products and are willing to even pay premium price to use and source cells from US manufacturer. The 100% reliance on import costs Vietnam’s loss on foreign currency approximately US$ 200M annually because of no local manufacturer.

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SuperShip is a fast-delivery, efficient cash collection service for e-commerce. Proud to be the unit with the highest successful delivery rate and the best customer care service. With outstanding innovations in the management systems, operating model, and close support policies. SuperShip has very well met the strict requirements of customers.

With the desire to simplify the procedure and maximize order processing speed, SuperShip is proud to be one of the companies with the highest delivery success rate and customer service in our region. By providing nationwide professional and stable delivery franchising solutions, SuperShip assists online retailers in reducing shipping time and cost, hence they can focus more on growth and scaling.


A delivery system covering 63 provinces and cities in the form of professional franchise points

The stable delivery system in both quantity and quality due to franchise points covering 63 provinces and cities

Fast delivery with low freight costs

Competitive Advantage


Self-operating platform and multi-partner connection (including shipping partners and omnichannel sales management platform) to optimize delivery costs and service quality

Target Customer

Focusing on the small and medium customer segment to help optimize the price policy (1 price nationwide) as well as customer care services


Tailor-made technology platforms for certain sizes and stages of development 

Franchise Policy

Franchise network covers the whole country, partners can track and cross-control orders

The e-commerce logistics market share in Southeast Asia is expected to increase by USD 58.93 billion from 2021 to 2026, and the market’s growth momentum will accelerate at a CAGR of 20.16%. In 2021, e-commerce transportation is expected to keep growing, with the total commodity value increasing by 15-20% over the same period.

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ClassBubs is a one-stop platform that helps parents to discover, book & review kids’ extracurricular classes. We want to make the lives of our ClassBubs parents easier by being their trusted companion & advisor for all of their kids’ holistic learning & development needs. We also want to help every ClassBubs kid enhance self-expression, kindle self-discovery and foster self-concept through the variety of classes we offer.


Traicaydi is an online fruit distribution application of EUSTREAM JOINT STOCK COMPANY. The distribution warehouse is located at 184 Viet Hung, Long Bien, Hanoi. The company distributes officially imported fruits in large quantities, with full certificates of origin


Tubudd is a digital platform that connects travelers around the world with a network of carefully vetted local buddies. Our vision is to innovate a new form of tourism with fully customizable experiences and excursions that break down language barriers


Uniigym is based on Internet + sport. Uniigym operation focuses on group training rooms according to the existing gym environment setting, and provides the cloud based and commonly shared immersive multimedia fitness programs-Optimotion

SHub Classroom

SHub is a platform that provides online teaching and learning solutions with classroom management operations, maintaining interaction between teachers, parents and students.


EM AND AI is a pioneer company in intensive research of Vietnamese Natural Language Processing technology and Artificial Intelligence.


Woay is the first platform in Vietnam to design minigame for Gamification Marketing. For just 1 year since Mar 2019, we have created over 300 minigames & conquer over 100 clients. Woay help you to optimize marketing campaigns by Gamification Marketing in a quick – efficient – effective way.


PiHome contributes to bringing positive improvements to your business model, helping to save costs as well as the professionalism in the operation management process from our leading partners.